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What’s the point in buying beautiful furniture if you don’t enjoy using it? At Lippmann’s, we know it’s impossible to tell whether a piece is right for you and your home simply by looking at a picture. That sofa, chair or bed you ordered online or by phone probably looked perfect in the catalog. Once it arrives, though, you may find that it feels like a pile of bricks covered in fabric.

Here at Lippmann’s Furniture and Interiors, we are all about the experience created by the items we carry -- both in look and feel. We carefully select each line so we KNOW it will be outstanding in both areas. But don’t take our word for it. We invite you to come to our showroom and sit on that couch, lie down on that mattress, or have a seat on that chair. We want you to be sure your furniture purchase is something you will love in every way!

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Furnishings you bring home in a box and assemble yourself are probably not designed to last five years, let alone a lifetime. Yet you may not think the latest Danish Modern-influenced pieces are available in Peoria at accessible prices, so you make the trek to one of those big-box suburban furniture stores. We’re happy to tell you that Lippmann’s offers chic modernist pieces that are built to last – no road trips or assembly required.

Of course, you’ll also find the traditional pieces you love alongside contemporary furnishings from top designers. Some labels even offer built-to-order pieces for the ultimate in custom looks. Textures merit a mention, too; you’ll fall in love with the buttery leathers, fine solid woods and high-tech new fabrics available from your favorite home furniture brands. Whether you opt for the latest loft styles or the best in traditional furniture design, you’ll get the value you want and the long-lasting quality you expect from Peoria’s first name in home furnishings.