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What’s the point in buying beautiful furniture if you don’t enjoy using it? At Lippmann’s, we know it’s impossible to tell whether a piece is right for you and your home simply by looking at a picture. That sofa, chair or bed you ordered online or by phone probably looked perfect in the catalog. Once it arrives, though, you may find that it feels like a pile of bricks covered in fabric.

Here at Lippmann’s Furniture and Interiors, we are all about the experience created by the items we carry -- both in look and feel. We carefully select each line so we KNOW it will be outstanding in both areas. But don’t take our word for it. We invite you to come to our showroom and sit on that couch, lie down on that mattress, or have a seat on that chair. We want you to be sure your furniture purchase is something you will love in every way!

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Design Team

Ben Bladel

Ben “backed into” the interior design profession with a BFA from the University of Kansas in commercial art and illustration. Ben originally started at Lippmann’s illustrating and composing the store’s print advertising.

With the encouragement of M. Walter Lippmann, Ben decided to give interior design “a try” to supplement his freelance illustration business. It was a good fit, and 30-plus years later, Ben still loves his work. “Every client and project is unique.”

Although he stays current on design, color, and furniture trends, Ben believes an interior should reflect each client’s own style, taste and interests rather than mirroring the current fashion. His portfolio includes local and regional residential, healthcare and hospitality design projects.

“I take a collector's approach to interiors - blending great designs from the past and today, for a look that is classic and current. Making my clients love their living space is my passion.”